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Log Splitter Plans | CD Rom

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Log Splitter Plans, simple easy to use plans.  Step-by-step written instructions with digital photos of the steps and processes.  These plans are not just drawing and blueprints of someones idea on how to make a log splitter. 

Plans exactly followed will make a splitter with a 10 HP engine, an 11 gpm pump, a 3 inch by 18 inch cylinder get an approx. 10 ton splitter with a 10 sec. cycle time.  To increase the splitting capacity all that is required is a larger cylinder/engine. 

There are also discussions and steps for how to modify the plans for different cylinder sizes, vertical or horizontal crankshaft engine, larger size tubing for the main frame, 4 way wedge on end with push block on cylinder.

Our plans come with support.  Feel free to email with questions info@millerswoodcutting.com

Plans availabe in both CD and downloadable formats


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