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Why Build Your Own Log Splitter?

A hydaulic wood splitter is a very useful item.  Log Splitters are simple to build, with a few pointers.   Having a log splitter can save you time and labor when making firewood.  Though there are numerous inexpensive models of log splitters available with a bit of resourcefulness you can make your own wood splitter for considerably less money.  There are many sites on the internet offering various log splitter plans.

What Makes our Log Splitter Plans Special?

Our plans are digital photos of the machines as they are built.  These are not just someone's idea of how to make a wood splitter (or log arch, log grapple, firewood processor, firewood bundler etc.)  All of our machines were made for our use and the plans written as they went together.  The plans do not contain hard to read blueprints or confusing CAD drawings, just easy to follow instructions and labeled photos.

We offer a wide array of machines to assist you in starting a small firewood business.   

Types of Log Splitters

Manual Log Splitters - DIY

Manual log splitters are the type of log splitter plans you'll find here. They are lightweight and relatively easy to store. Our manual log splitters operate with hydraulics while others rely on man power and weights. Manual splitters do require quite a bit of man power to operate but they are still easier than swinging an ax. They make a great tool for the occasional wood burner.

Other Types: Electric and Gas Log Splitters

Electric log splitters operate the same as gas splitters, with the main difference being an electric motor powering the hydraulics rather than a gas engine. They are lighter and more portable because they usually have a more compact size. Gas log splitters are going to be the largest and most powerful. Gas splitters usually accept larger diameter logs. Neither of these have the advantage of easily creating yourself.

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