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Why buy what you can build yourself? Easy-to-follow, step-by-step written plans for various firewood processing machines:

Log Splitters & Grapples

Firewood Processors, Conveyors & Bundlers

Hydraulic Chainsaws

No hard-to-understand blueprints or confusing CAD drawings.

A picture is worth a thousand words - Plans include digital photos of the steps as they are being completed. 

Our plans will save your time and confusion.  Build quickly and easily so you can get to work with the machine.


Our Log Splitters and Firewood Processors

Face it, part of the reason you are looking at building your own log splitter, firewood processor, etc. is that you want to customize it to fit your needs. Our plans can be used to make an exact copy, or as a base point to save you time designing your own custom machines. Performance can easily be enhanced with larger hydraulics and more horsepower. I made what suited my budget and needs; you can make a machine to suit yours. 

Hydraulic log splitters are simple to build with our plans and pointers. A wood splitter can save you time and labor when making firewood for yourself or a small business. There are numerous log splitter models on the market, but with a bit of resourcefulness you can make your own for considerably less money. 

What Makes Our Plans Special?

Hydraulic Chainsaw and Conveyor at work:


 I was attempting to convert an old homelite XL into a hydraulic driven saw, but couldn't figure the specs for the hydraulic motor. Size, gpm's etc. Your info fixed me right up. Surplus Center does, in fact, have the exact model that you recommended in stock.I have used them for years for stuff for other projects but had no idea what exact model of what brand of motor to buy. You solved that problem in about 10 minutes after I downloaded your plans. I used the XL because I had it and because it had a built in oiler and oil tank that is part of the frame of the saw. I simply (not really simply) recreated the business end of the crankshaft, made a coupling to solidly hook the two shafts together and I'm in business. I'm making my own Limbinator (google it or look on youtube) and didn't spend $2000 thanks to you.

Thanks, Fred W. MICHIGAN

At first, when I visited website, I thought that well that site has been long forgotten since it looked so old schooled, but I investigated further and realized that probably some guy, possessing old schooled practical knowledge, is sharing his knowledge. My experience with Miller`s Woodcutting has been very helpful and friendly.  The plans where really easy to follow, but it took some effort to convert measurements to metric system.

Respectfully, Silver Kiviselg ESTONIA

 Tell me about your experience !!

I appreciate the ease to follow with which the plans have been written, instead of complicated engineered drawings. Even our children can read them as part of their technical training within our homeschooling, and find them understandable and practically beneficial. Thank you for taking a good approach on the writing of the plans. 

Zoran Zaev

Cut more firewood, faster.