Firewood Related Plans - FAQ – Miller's Woodcutting


1.  Do the plans include a bill of materials?

         Yes, most definitely the plans include a bill of materials.  Itemized list of necessary components.

2.  Do the plans include a list of suppliers for the components?

         The bill of materials lists out the components that I used and where I purchased them from.   Some materials (such as iron, bolts etc) will have to come from a local supplier and so these locations you will have to find on your own, but materials such as the hydraulic components, tires, axles etc. are included in the bill of materials.

          Feel free to contact us and ask questions as well.

3.  What are the "blueprints" like?

          This is precisely what makes our plans different from most, there are no blueprints.   After over 16 years as a high school shop teacher I have learned that many people just aren't able to take two dimensional drawings and turn them into three dimensional objects.  The plans we offer are step by step written instructions that have digital photographs of the steps as they are being completed.  This makes our plans very easy to follow.  This also makes it easy for people to see how a modification or change that they desire will fit.

Sample pages from plans

4.  Are the plans offered in a "book" format?

          Due to the cost of printing and shipping the weight/size of a "book" I do not offer the plans in printed form.  It is easy to print them though,  this does make it convenient to take them to the shop.  I have had some customers (Amish) that did not have access to a computer for use of a digital file.  For these customers I recommend taking the file on CD to a print shop or library.

5.  Are there other pictures or videos available to learn more about the machines?

          No. Sorry, but you will have to "buy the cow." I just would rather not "give the milk away for free."