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Tractor/ATV Log Arch Plans | .PDF Download

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Log Arch Plan: Features

Our Log Arch Plans that are simple and easy to use with easy to read, step-by-step instructions showing digital photos of the steps as they are completed.  

Our Log Arch features a sliding tongue. This means you can raise logs without electricity or hydraulic.  The log arch uses leverage and the pull on the tongue to raise and lower the logs.  

The Log Arch can be used with small tractors, ATVs, Pickups, some customers have even used them with horses.

Benefits of Log Arch Plans

Making your own log arch will be considerably cheaper than purchasing one.  Log arches quickly increase your efficiency when moving logs.  Log arches keep the log out of the dirt increasing the life of the cutting tools used on the log.  Log arches also make moving heavy logs easier by changing the weight and leverage of skidding the log.

Finished weight of machine = Approx. 120 lbs (depends largely on tire/rim size chosen)

Log Sizes up to 30 inches in diameter.