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Firewood or Small Bale Conveyor Plans | CD Rom to be shipped

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Conveyor Plans

Moving the wood is the back breaking and time consuming part of firewood. Save yourself all that work!

   Plans for building a firewood or small square bale conveyor/elevator. The plans are step by step instructions with digital photos or diagrams of each step.  Plans are very easy to follow.

    Basic welding skills along with use of drills and measuring tools are required.  Cost of construction is approx. $850-900, a few hundred less if you have an engine/motor already.

Plans Contain
27 Pages
56 pictures
5 diagrams
Completed Project:
 17 foot long (overall including chute) with a height of 9 ft.
                Approximate weight of 350 lbs
               Will handle firewood, small square bales, or similar products
Tools Required
  Welder capable of 1/4 inch.
     Drill and bits of sizes 3/8, 1/2, 3/4
   Cutting Torch or Metal cutting saw.